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Keyword – smooth collies

Kennel Keyword is a small home breeder of smooth collies from Siuntio, Finland.
We rarely have puppies and keep only few dogs at home. We don’t have any plans for puppies in near future.
We go to dog shows with our dogs few times a year and also do some obedience and scent work with them.
Below Ch Keyword Paladin, Fi AgilityCh & AgilityJumpCh Keyword Paperdoll, Fi AgilityJumpCh Keyword Partydoll and Keyword Sugar Rush.


Our smooth collies at home


C.I.B  Fin&Swe&Est&Lv&Lt&Balt Ch EstW’14 EstW’17 BaltW’18 RigaW’18, TK1 TK2 RTK4 BH

Keyword Paladin

(Ch Igor vom Ihlpol – Ch Pandarellan Åsa Rasdotter)
Born 4.12.2012
» Smooth Collie Database

Eyes: CEA-free (puppy and adult)
Hips: A/A (healthy)
Elbows: 0/0 (healthy)
LTV 0, VA1
MDR1 -/-, CEA non-carrier, DM N/N
rough coat carrier

Tenho is from our first litter. He is very active (and sometimes loud) boy who loves to work and play. He’s a bit protective and a good guard of our yard. He loves to cuddle with his family and is very eager to please and learns very fast everything. We are competing in obedience (FCI Ob2) and rally-obedience (Master Class, highest). We also do some Nose Work (pre.test with eucalyptys accepted) and Dobo. 
Tenho has litters at kennel Downmoore and kennel Sandcastle’s.

Keyword Valiant

(Secret Affair’s Unleash Ur Instinct -Keyword Sugar Rush)
Born 14.8.2018
» Smooth Collie Database

Eyes: CEA-free (puppy and 14 months)
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Back: LTV0, VA1
CEA carrier
MDR1 -/-
rough coat carrier

Sauber is from our third litter. He is very sosial and happy boy and loves to cuddle.



Finnish & Estonian & Swedish Champion BH TK1

Stoorybook’s Miss Moneypenny

(Sandcastle’s Dollar Smile – Ch Sandcastle’s Cat Cat)
Born 06.04.2007
» Smooth Collie Database

Eyes: CEA-free, PPM (puppy) / CEA-free (adult)
Hips: A/A (healthy)
Elbows: 0/0 (healthy)
Thyroid: healthy
MDR1 +/-, CEA carrier

Näpsä is oldest of our dogs and has the most lovely nature. She is a calm and happy veteran girl who loves running around fields near us.
When she was younger we competed in agility (class 3) and obedience.


C.I.B Finnish & Estonian & Swedish Champion TLNW-12 RTK2

Pandarellan Åsa Rasdotter

(C.IB Ch&ObCh Sandcastle’s The Rasmus – Pandarellan Ulle Dulle Doff)
Born 25.8.2008
» Smooth Collie Database

Eyes: CEA-free (puppy and adult)
Hips: A/A (healthy)
Elbows: 0/0 (healthy)
Thyroid: healthy
MDR1 +/-, CEA carrier, DM N/N
rough coat carrier

Sena is social, active and happy girl with lots of working spirit. She is a bit too fast for me to handle, so we have only competed few times. We started competing in rally-obedience when she turned 8 years old.
Sena is mother of our P- and S-litters.


P – litter
born 4.12.2012

(Ch Igor vom Ihlpol – Ch Pandarellan Åsa Rasdotter)
Keyword Paladin

sable male
Keyword Paladin
– show results: C.I.B Fin & Swe & Est & Lv & Lt & Balt Ch
EstW’14 EstW’17 BaltW-18 RigaW-18
– competes in obedience and rally-obedience: TK1 TK2, RTK4, BH
Accepted pretest at Nose Work

HD & ED free
Back LTV0 and VA1 (missing last pair of ribs)
Eyes cea-free as puppy and adult
Two litters in Finland.

Keyword Paperdoll, photo: Rita Larjava

sable female
Keyword Paperdoll
– Finnish Agilitychampion & Agility Jumping Champion
– show result: VG
– competes at agility class 3 and is very fast and agile dog with excellent drive.

HD & ED free
Eyes cea-free as puppy
Back unofficial: LTV0 and VA1 (missing last pair of ribs)

Kuva: Siiri Rantala
Keyword Partydoll,  photo: Siiri Rantala

tricolor  female  
Keyword Partydoll

– show result: EXC
Finnish Agility Jumping Champion
– competes in obedience, rally-obedience beginners class and agility class 3, shows also interest to sheep and herding

HD & ED free
Back LTV1

Eyes cea-free as puppy and adult.
Plasmoma diagnosed 2018.

S – litter
born 18.5.2015

(Ch Fatikon Nappanahka – Ch Pandarellan Åsa Rasdotter)

Keyword Sugar Rush

tricolor  female  Keyword Sugar Rush
– show result: EXC CQ, BB3 (Estonia)
– competes at rally-obedience
HD & ED free
Back LTV0
Eyes cea-free as puppy,
cea-free, dichiasis as adult
Lulu is mother of our V-litter.

Keyword Side Kick

tricolor male Keyword Side Kick
– cryptorchid, castrated
Eyes cea-free as puppy

V – litter
born 14.8.2018

(Secret Affair’s Unleash Ur Instinct – Keyword Sugar Rush)

tricolor male
Keyword Valiant
Eyes cea-free as puppy
HD & ED free
Back LTV0 and VA1 (missing last pair of ribs)
– show result: BOS CC, EXC CQ BOB-junior

-trains obedience

Keyword Vantage

tricolor male
Keyword Vantage
Eyes CRD as puppy
HD & ED free
Back LTV0 and VA1 (missing last pair of ribs)

-trains agility